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2013-2014 Season

Walkin' in a Winter One-Hit-Wonderland
Walkin' in a Winter One-Hit-Wonderland
Dec 4-Jan 19
Troubadour Theater Company
Directed by Matt Walker
Starring Rick Batalla, Katherine Donahoe, Beth Kennedy, Andy Lopez, Suzanne Jolie Narbonne, Katie Nuñez, Lisa Valenzuela, Matt Walk
Recommended Age: 13+
"This unique troupe with its punny titles and knack for repurposing pop songs has the ability to leap multiple genres in a single irreverent bound. Troubie shows occupy a previously unimaginable space between tour de force and travesty… "Walkin'" made a great Christmas present…. Die-hard fans will enjoy deepening their understanding of this enigmatic being (who knew he had a gluten allergy?). Everyone else should definitely catch the next entry in the indescribably addictive Troubie oeuvre." - LA Times

About the Show

Troubadour Theater Company
Directed by Matt Walker

Opening Night is December 13 at 8pm.

Join us for a holiday cabaret "clip show" as one of the Troubadour Theater Company's most beloved characters, Winter Warlock, takes a walk down memory lane while crooning some chart-topping "one-hit-wonders" with his holiday friends. 'Tis the season for fun and reflection, so break out your tape decks and Walkmans and head on down to the Falcon to hear the incredible story of the tallest Troubie this side of town!

Cast & Creative Team


Rick Batalla
Katherine Donahoe
Beth Kennedy
Andy Lopez
Suzanne Jolie Narbonne
Katie Nuñez
Lisa Valenzuela
Matt Walk


Director: Matt Walker
Music Director: Eric Heinly
Scenic Designer: Jeffrey McLaughlin
Costume Designer: Sharon McGunigle
Lighting Designer: Jeremy Pivnick
Sound Designer: Robert Arturo Ramirez
Props Designer & Stage Manager: Corey Womack