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2009-2010 Season

The Psychic
The Psychic
Mar 17-Apr 18
Written by Sam Bobrick
Directed by Susan Morgenstern
Starring Cyrus Alexander, Jeffrey Cannata, Bridget Flanery, Dana Green, Richard Horvitz, Phil Proctor
"The play's clever, Pirandello-esque twists make for a pleasant divertissement ... director Susan Morgenstern deliberately toys with the audience's preconceptions in a cheeky and well-paced staging ... the crispy comic Green shines as a slink femme fatale ... performances bode well for this satisfyingly unpredictable 'Psychic'" - LA Times

About the Show

Written by Sam Bobrick
Directed by Susan Morgenstern

Opening Night is March 26 at 8pm.

The Psychic follows the chaotic life of Adam Webster (Jeffrey Cannata), a befuddled, down-on-his-luck writer, who has put a sign in his apartment window, in desperation to make the rent: "Psychic Readings $25." The sign soon draws the interest of the lovely and conflicted Laura (Dana Green), her shady husband Roy (Cyrus Alexander), Roy's mistress Rita (Bridget Flanery), a gangster named Johnny Bubbles (Richard Horvitz) and ace Detective Norris Coslow (Phil Proctor). In the comedic cacophony that follows, The Psychic entangles Adam in a hilarious murder mystery (of sorts) that you won't want to miss!

Cast & Creative Team


Cyrus Alexander
Jeffrey Cannata
Bridget Flanery
Dana Green
Richard Horvitz
Phil Proctor


Ryan Karloff
Selah Victor
Mueen Jahan


Director: Susan Morgenstern
Scenic Designer: Jeff McLaughlin
Costume Designer: Joanie Coyote
Lighting Designer: Nick McCord
Sound Designer: David Beaudry
Props Designer: Anna McGill
Casting Director: Alice S. Cassidy
Stage Manager: Deirdre Murphy


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