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2007 Summer

Alice in One-Hit-Wonderland
Alice in One-Hit-Wonderland
Jul 13-Aug 26
The Troubadour Theater Company
Directed by Matt Walker
Starring Guilford Adams, Joseph Leo Bwarie, Jennie Fahn, Tina Groff, Beth Kennedy, Christine Lakin, Andy Lopez, Lynette Ratham, Jen Seifert, Lisa Valenzuela, Matt Walker, Dan Waskom
"Hilarious! Fracturing thousands of Troubie fans' funny bones for 12 years, this colorful ensemble of actors, singers, comedians and onstage musicians, have no psychotic boundaries!" - The Tolucan Times

About the Show

The Troubadour Theater Company

Bring the whole family to Alice in One-Hit-Wonderland, a remix of the classic Lewis Carroll tale to the tune of the greatest one-hit-wonders of all time! Ready for "Moor"?

Cast & Creative Team


Guilford Adams
Joseph Leo Bwarie
Jennie Fahn
Tina Groff
Beth Kennedy
Christine Lakin
Andy Lopez
Lynette Ratham
Jen Seifert
Lisa Valenzuela
Matt Walker
Dan Waskom


Director: Matt Walker
Music Director: Eric Heinly
Choreographer: Joseph Leo Bwarie
Costume Designer: Sharon McGunigle
Lighting Designer: Jeremy Pivnick
Sound Designer: Robert Arturo Ramirez
Stage Managers: Deirdre Murphy and Corey Womack



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