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2007 For Kids!

The Enchanted Nightingale
The Enchanted Nightingale
Aug 18-Nov 4
Written by Lori Marshall & Joseph Leo Bwarie
Directed by Joseph Leo Bwarie
Starring West Liang, Simon Yin, Kathleen Chen, Emily Kuroda
"An engaging show filled with humor and charm, The Enchanted Nightingale promotes values in an entertaining and lighthearted way that will delight audiences both young and old." - The Tolucan Times

About the Show

Written by Lori Marshall & Joseph Leo Bwarie
Directed by Joseph Leo Bwarie

There once lived a young Emperor in ancient China. His golden palace was filled with the rarest of treasures. Still, not satisfied with all his wealth and power, the Emperor devised a plan to capture China's famous singing nightingale.

The Enchanted Nightingale is the classic story of boy gets bird, boy loses bird, boy gets bird back. But there's a twist! The songbird is really the beautiful Princess Jade trapped under an evil spell. With fan dancing, martial arts, and a healthy helping of comedy, this modern adaptation celebrates the wealth in generosity and the magic and beauty of the Far East.

The Enchanted Nightingale stars Kathleen Chen, Emily Kuroda ('Mrs. Kim' from Gilmore Girls), West Liang, and Simon Yin (Funky Punks: Bright Ideas!).

The Falcon has taken audiences to Paris in The Empress and her New Clothes, Russia in Peter and the Wolf, and Greece in The Little Mermaid. Now get your passports stamped again as we travel to ancient China in The Enchanted Nightingale.

Cast & Creative Team


West Liang
Simon Yin
Kathleen Chen
Emily Kuroda


Jonny Siew
Dyana Liu
Susan Haruye Ioka


Director: Joseph Leo Bwarie
Composer: Rachael Lawrence
Scenic Designer: Sherry Santillano
Costume Designer: Lou Carranza
Sound Designer: Robert Ramirez
Props Designer: Corey Womack
Stage Manager: Deirdre Murphy