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2006 For Kids!

Peter and the Wolf
Peter and the Wolf
Sp 23-Nov 12
Written by Timothy Groff
Directed by Joseph Leo Bwarie
Starring Gail Bianchi, Voki Kalfayan, Anthony Mannix, Jennifer Seifert
"Full of laughs and haunts…An enthralling, entertaining tale of adventure and teamwork, Peter and the Wolf is another kid pleasing show at the Falcon Theatre." - Tolucan Times

About the Show

Written by Timothy Groff
Directed by Joseph Leo Bwarie

This fall, the Falcon presents a World Premiere spooky spin on the classic tale of Peter and the Wolf. While Peter is in Russia visiting his cousins, Nina, Svetlana and Boris, he stumbles upon a treasure map hidden in Grandfather's library. But when the four cousins start their search, they find they are not alone. Is it Boris up to his old tricks? Is it their wild imagination? Or could it be the Wolf? With excitement around every turn, Peter and the Wolf is one howling good time for the whole family! The cast features (in alphabetical order) Gail Bianchi (Peter Pan with Cathy Rigby), Voki Kalfayan (Cirque du Soleil's Quidam), Anthony Mannix (NoHo Art Center's Pirates of Penzance), and Jennifer Seifert (The Troubadour Theater Company's Much ADOOBIE Brothers About Nothing).

Cast & Creative Team


Gail Bianchi
Voki Kalfayan
Anthony Mannix
Jennifer Seifert


Director: Joseph Leo Bwarie
Scenic Designer: Sherry Santillano
Costume Designer: Heather Chaffee
Lighting Designer: Jennifer A. Skinner
Sound Designer: Robert Arturo Ramirez
Props Designer: Bethanie M. Bass
Stage Manager: Emily Stapleton