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2005 For Kids!

Funky Punks in Bright Ideas
Funky Punks in Bright Ideas
Sep 24-Nov 13
Troubadour Theater Company
Written & Directed by Joseph Leo Bwarie
Starring Timothy Groff, Tina Aguirre Groff, Beth Kennedy, Andy Lopez, Rory O'Malley, Brienne Pedigo, Michael Sulprizio, Dan Waskom, Corey Lynn Womack, Simon Yu
"Off-the-wall slapstick, riotous excesses, a gigglefest!" - Los Angeles Times

About the Show

Troubadour Theater Company

Look out! Those loveable comic merrymakers are back with a bunch of "bright ideas" in their all-new stage show. Troubadour Theater Company's Funky Punks will charm and delight audiences of all ages with their colorful antics, boisterous physicality and madcap audience participation. Combining the flavors of vaudeville, slapstick, and traditional "clowning," Bright Ideas is jam-packed with music, dance, tricks and flips, in one blowout show you won't want to miss. Funky Punks in Bright Ideas. This show is electric!

Cast & Creative Team


Timothy Groff
Tina Aguirre Groff
Beth Kennedy
Andy Lopez
Rory O'Malley
Brienne Pedigo
Michael Sulprizio
Dan Waskom
Corey Lynn Womack
Simon Yu


Director: Joseph Leo Bwarie
Costume Designer: Michael Mullen
Lighting Designer: Jeremy Pivnick
Stage Manager: Deirdre Murphy