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2005-2006 Season

Hamlet, the Artist Formerly Known as PRINCE of Denmark
Hamlet, the Artist Formerly Known as PRINCE of Denmark
Jan 6-29
Troubadour Theater Company
Directed by Matt Walker
Starring Anna White, Brienne Pedigo, Audrey Siegel, Lorin Shapiro, Guilford Adams, Mike Teele, Beth Kennedy, Gordon Vandenberg, Michael Sulprizio, Michelle Johnson, Timothy Groff, Joseph Leo Bwarie, Erica N'derson, Simon Yu, Lynette Rathnam, Dan Waskom, Rory O'Malley, Jen Seifert, Andy Lopez, Tina Aguirre Groff
Recommended Age: 8+
"Roll over Shakespeare! It's Hamlet alright in substance and spirit, but like you ain't never seen it before, and a whole lot more fun!" - O.C. Register

About the Show

Troubadour Theater Company
Directed by Matt Walker

In this twisted tale of murder, revenge, and bare bodkins, Hamlet is forced to watch beloved Denmark transform into an Erotic City of luxury and damned incest as Claudius and Gertrude lead The Glamorous Life! At Midnight, Under The Cherry Moon, a ghost donning a Raspberry Beret proclaims Let's Go Crazy. Does Hamlet become Delirious or will he get to the bottom of this Controversy? Can Hamlet recognize the Sign O' The Times and get that Sexy MF, Ophelia, to give him a Kiss, or will he find out When Doves Cry that, into every life, a little Purple Rain must fall? In this year's production of Hamlet, The Artist Formerly Known as PRINCE of Denmark, Troubadour Theater Company is sure to make the Housequake and party like it's 1599!

Cast & Creative Team


Anna White
Brienne Pedigo
Audrey Siegel
Lorin Shapiro
Guilford Adams
Mike Teele
Beth Kennedy
Gordon Vandenberg
Michael Sulprizio
Michelle Johnson
Timothy Groff
Joseph Leo Bwarie
Erica N'derson
Simon Yu
Lynette Rathnam
Dan Waskom
Rory O'Malley
Jen Seifert
Andy Lopez
Tina Aguirre Groff


Director: Matt Walker
Choreogrpaher: Nadine Ellis
Scenic & Props Designer: Mike Teele
Lighting Designer: Nick McCord
Stage Managers: Deirdre Murphy and Corey Lynn Womack