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2003 For Kids!

Funky Punks' Circus Spectacular!
Funky Punks' Circus Spectacular!
Sep 20-Nov 23
The Troubadour Theater Company
Directed by Matt Walker
Starring Tina Aguirre, Stephanie Bettman, Luke Fuller, Tim Groff, Andre Holmes, Michelle Anne Johnson, Beth Kennedy, Andy Lopez, Jillana Neiman, Michael J. Reed, Guillermo Robles, Jordan Savage, Mike Sulprizio, Matt Walker, Dan Waskom
"The Funky Punks, in their colorful and eclectic found-in-the-attic costumes, are all smiles and endless energy. The costumes and music alone will make you want to run off and join the circus, at least for one hour. For the adults, it's a touching circus parody; for the kids, it's just plain fun." - The Burbank Leader

About the Show

The Troubadour Theater Company
Directed by Matt Walker

The Troubadour Theater Company's Funky Punks transform the Falcon Theatre in Burbank into a rollicking three-ring circus with their all new kids show, Funky Punks' Circus Spectacular! Lion tamers, acrobats and jugglers abound as these misfits of mayhem find any excuse to wreak havoc!

Cast & Creative Team


Tina Aguirre
Stephanie Bettman
Luke Fuller
Tim Groff
Andre Holmes
Michelle Anne Johnson
Beth Kennedy
Andy Lopez
Jillana Neiman
Michael J. Reed
Guillermo Robles
Jordan Savage
Mike Sulprizio
Matt Walker
Dan Waskom


Director: Matt Walker
Lighting Designer: Andrea Housh
Stage Manager: Shelley Stevens