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2003-2004 Season

It's a Stevie Wonderful Life
It's a Stevie Wonderful Life
Dec 3-28
Troubadour Theater Company
Directed by Matt Walker
Starring Guilford Adams, Joseph Leo Bwarie, Timothy Groff, Tina Groff, Michelle Anne Johnson, Beth Kennedy, Andy Lopez, Erin Matthews, Jillana Neiman, Caleb Rapoport, Morgan Rusler, Jennifer Seifert, Audrey T. Siegel, Mike Sulprizio, Larry Thigpen, Lisa Valenzuela, Matthew Walker, Dan Waskom and sometimes with AnnaLea Rawicz and Evan Arnold
"PICK OF THE WEEK! Riotously funny...a Yuletide story that you're not likely to forget." - LA Weekly

About the Show

Troubadour Theater Company
Directed by Matt Walker

Troubadour Theater Company returns in yet another parody, this time taking the perennial American cinema classic, It's a Wonderful Life, and mixing in the musical stylings of legendary singer/songwriter Stevie Wonder. It is sure to be heralded as one of the holiday season's most riotous offerings!

Cast & Creative Team


Guilford Adams
Joseph Leo Bwarie
Timothy Groff
Tina Groff
Michelle Anne Johnson
Beth Kennedy
Andy Lopez
Erin Matthews
Jillana Neiman
Caleb Rapoport
Morgan Rusler
Jennifer Seifert
Audrey T. Siegel
Mike Sulprizio
Larry Thigpen
Lisa Valenzuela
Matthew Walker
Dan Waskom
AnnaLea Rawicz
Evan Arnold


Director: Matt Walker
Music Director: Andre Holmes
Choreographer:Faith Ernest-Rapoport
Lighting Designer: Jeremy Pivnick
Stage Manager: Shelley Stevens