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2002 For Kids!

Tortoise vs. Hare
Tortoise vs. Hare
Sep 28-Nov 13
Written by Thorin Alexander
Directed by Scott Marshall
Starring Omar Brancato, Jack McGee, Sarina Ranftl, J.J. Snyder, and Roberta Wall, Ronit Feinglass, Shane Partlow
"A lively romp…with feel-good, comic bounce." -LA Times

About the Show

Written by Thorin Alexander
Directed by Scott Marshall

Plucked from Aesop's classic fable and plopped into present day Burbank, Thorin Alexander's Tortoise vs. Hare ...this time it's personal takes the whole family on a fun-filled, whimsical adventure as Harry the Hare and Tina the Tortoise battle and bungle their way to the finish line... and the true meaning of sportsmanship.

Cast & Creative Team


Omar Brancato
Jack McGee
Sarina Ranftl
J.J. Snyder
Roberta Wall
Ronit Feinglass
Shane Partlow


Director: Scott Marshall
Costume Designer: Rachel Myers
Lighting Designer: Andrea Housh
Stage Manager: Shelley Stevens


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