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Falcon Theatre presents
the West Coast Premiere of

written by Damian Lanigan
directed by Crispin Whittell

February 1 - March 4

Previews Begin Wednesday, February 1, 2012
Opening Night Friday, February 10 at 8pm
Closes Sunday, March 4, 2012
Wed. - Sat. 8pm, Sun. 4pm

Ticket Prices*
Previews: $29.50 - $32.00
Wed./Thurs.: $34.50 - $37.00
Fri./Sat./Sun.: $39.50 - $42.00
Students (minors or valid student ID): $27.00
Group Rates Available
*Cash Prices

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Falcon Theatre is proud to present the west coast premiere of Dissonance, written by Damian Lanigan and directed by Crispin Whittell, the fourth production of its 2011-2012 Subscription Season. This clever and touching show stars Daniel Gerroll (Sex and the City, Burn Notice), Skip Pipo (Equus), Peter Larney (The Violet Hour), Elizabeth Schmidt (The League) and Jeffrey Cannata (Falcon Theatre’s The Psychic).

When the Bradley Quartet arrive in New York for a concert honoring their ten years together, tension builds as their jealousies and frustrations rise to the surface. The fragile harmony between James (Daniel Gerroll), Paul (Skip Pipo), Beth (Elizabeth Schmidt), and Hal (Peter Larney) is disrupted when Beth, the cellist, agrees to give music lessons to Jonny (Jeffrey Cannata), one of America’s biggest rock stars. Musical and personal conflicts intertwine and implode, throwing the futures of the four musicians into doubt. Egos, loyalty and love are all put to the test in this witty, buoyant, and ultimately moving play of music and musicians.

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Falcon Theatre is located at 4252 Riverside Drive in Burbank. Directions

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“Wow! Generates…sparks under Crispin Whittell’s astute direction…the less classical music-savvy of audience members may find themselves a bit better informed about the workings of a string quartet when they leave the theater than when they came in…still, Dissonance’s main concern is in keeping the audience entertained, something it does quite niftily at the Falon…Gerroll is obnoxiously arrogant as James…Larney makes Hal as brash and confrontational as his nemisis…the lovely and talented Schmidt shines brightly as Beth…as the much put-upon Paul, Pipo adds another fine performance to [his] resume…Cannata (who played the sitcom-ready boy-next-door lead in the Falcon’s The Psychic – and marvelously so) is every bit as rock-star sexy as a rock star should be, and a crackerjack actor (and acoustic guitarist) to boot.”

The Beautiful Cast: (left to right) Peter Larney, Daniel Gerroll, Elizabeth Schmidt, Jeffrey Cannata and Skip Pipo

“Whether recorded or live, the music reflects and reinforces what’s happening in the play…Crispin Whittell’s staging is in harmony with Lanigan’s script at all times. Gerroll repeats the role he played in the Williamstown premiere and later in New York with total command, but the others rise to his standard. I can’t remember a better…production in the history of the Falcon.” --LA Stage Times

T‘James’ (Daniel Gerroll) and ‘Hal (Peter Larney) in the west coast premiere of Dissonance at the Falcon Theatre.

“Ninety percent of the fun comes from Daniel Gerroll as James Bradley…a cleverly constructed and flawlessly performed role…'Dissonance' is an entertaining tale of petty jealousy, seething resentments and barely repressed rage…the writing is biting and witty and the music…is sublime. Fluid direction by Crispin Whittelll and clever set pieces by Francois-Pierre Couture…make for a handsome production.” --Edge Los Angeles

‘Paul’ (Skip Pipo) and ‘James’ (Daniel Gerroll) in the west coast premiere of Dissonance at the Falcon Theatre.

‘Jonny’ (Jeffrey Cannata) and ‘Beth’ (Elizabeth Schmidt) in the west coast premiere of Dissonance at the Falcon Theatre.

“Lanigan has taken what could be fairly dry discourse…and inserts wit and passion…the juxtaposition of artistic temperament and devotion to art is neatly captured in 'Dissonance.'" --Backstage

‘James’ (Daniel Gerroll) in the west coast premiere of Dissonance at the Falcon Theatre.

“The fireworks that ensue over the two hours of performance time make for damn good theatre…the play is fascinating…Gerroll was in control of James’ nervous outbursts and his acerbic wit…Larney…is turning into an extraordinarily strong actor…his Hal is nuanced and suffers mightily. Schmidt’s Beth is beautiful and sexual and makes a tough-cookie of a musician. Pip brought his beaten-dog routine to full-force…This is a quality production!”

‘Jonny’ (Jeffrey Cannata) and ‘Beth’ (Elizabeth Schmidt) in the west coast premiere of Dissonance at the Falcon Theatre.

“Daniel Gerroll has performed the role of James in other productions…it seems the role was made for him. He, Peter Larney, Skip Pipo and Elizabeth Schmidt all appear as though they are well-trained musicians and Jeffrey Cannata comes across as one of America’s real rock and roll stars. The entire cast is outstanding.”

The Bradley Quartet: ‘Paul’ (Skip Pipo), ‘Beth’ (Elizabeth Schmidt), ‘Hal’ (Peter Larney) and ‘James’ (Daniel Gerroll) in the west coast premiere of Dissonance at the Falcon Theatre.

“Theatergoers don’t need much familiarity with the works of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven…to enjoy 'Dissonance'…Gerroll stands out in his depiction of the bitter aging lead violinist…Larney’s Hal nicely captures the ongoing frustration of a young, risk-taking performer…as Paul, the unassuming viola player…Skip Pipo is a resigned, humorous target for jokes and wisecracks.”

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